We cheat!

Wise up you Eurocrats!! The EU sentiment regarding the #Brexit debacle will have been tempered by the thatcherite-lady-is-not-for-turning days. This Union-crushing-handbag-toting’ Lady PM ( the Iron clad Lady ) hacked everyone in Euroland off by bringing back a discount. And now we have a clone of this dragon… who only has a position at all by the skin of her teeth. So I have had a belly-full of bollox, sick to death of #Brexit means Brexit!…
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About me

via About A brief history to date. My father joined the British Army at the age of 15. During WW2 he was stationed in Krefeld with the REME attached to the Black Watch. As many soldiers did, he married a Krefeld girl, Magdalena Rafolt, one of three siblings who’s father came from the Weimar Republic and was married to my Oma a Hanoverian girl of 16. Depicted: Centre my Oma Anna Rafolt and the guy…
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lobbying MEPs

The campaign – lobbying MEPs on citizens’ rights in November 2017, courtesy British in Europe. LOBBYING CAMPAIGN Preamble: At the time of writing I confess that I am not 100% sure of the exact status regarding myself and family with regard to our current citizenship. My situation. I am 66 years old and a pensioner, I have been living apart from my wife for 4 years.  We have 2 children. My wife, at least in…
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Gypsy Women

An interesting example of Tagging...graffiti...  it sure ain't no Banksy!

And I can assure you that if it was, someone would have had it away by now!

Gitan is the masculine singular of the French word describing Gypsies.

Gitains ( plural ) is the feminine version ...depicted as a tambourine wielding dancer on the well-known cigarette box.

In the Back of The Tranny

It is 4 am in Europe Town… I am tired, but can’t sleep… I only have one viewer or machine or Bot watching right now, so this is especially for you. I penned the piece in 2011, I know that because it is still on a server somewhere… This web site is important to me…as its aim is to be used to lobby 70 German Meps regarding the plight of the millions of people who…
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