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Apart from this Link ( and perhaps a few others which may creep in ) I endeavour to publish only original material.

The link outlinks to savethelink: an organisation attempting to challenge the proposals aimed to stifle outlinking.

The proposals favour larger publishers who may have the power over smaller entities to levy a charge for information.


Copyright, and its protection is one thing, But charging a levy for information which is newsworthy is quite another.

Update: Since launching these pages I have added a European Cookie Banner, not just to be compliant but also because I love cookies, or as we British ( who are currently call them ) Biscuits.

I have also inserted compliant publisher come broadcaster compliance details. pertinent to Deutschland. I understand much of the reasoning behind laws, rules and regulations, although I  often think that as a species we are all foisted into adhering to constraints rather than the broader picture which may well eradicate mankind, if not vaporise every living thing on this tiny rock hurtling through space and time.

My personal:

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Sloe Gin Lovers


ReginerateBlog Artisan Gin from Krefeld

Klarsicht Krefelder Bistrorant

The Webcircle FREE creatives portal

Klarsicht  Krefeld  based restaurant

Beehive: Save the Bees Community Group

*Please note that all the marketing I produce for friends, clients, and causes I do purely to help out, I neither receive nor demand any fees.


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