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Apart from this Link ( and perhaps a few others which may creep in ) I endeavour to publish only original material.

The link outlinks to savethelink: an organisation attempting to challenge the proposals aimed to stifle outlinking.

The proposals favour larger publishers who may have the power over smaller entities to levy a charge for information.


Copyright, and its protection is one thing, But charging a levy for information which is newsworthy is quite another.

Update: Since launching these pages I have added a European Cookie Banner, not just to be compliant but also because I love cookies, or as we British ( who are currently call them ) Biscuits.

I have also inserted compliant publisher come broadcaster compliance details. pertinent to Deutschland. I understand much of the reasoning behind laws, rules and regulations, although I  often think that as a species we are all foisted into adhering to constraints rather than the broader picture which may well eradicate mankind, if not vaporise every living thing on this tiny rock hurtling through space and time.

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A brief history to date.

A brief history to date.

My father joined the British Army at the age of 15. During WW2 he was stationed in Krefeld with the REME attached to the Black Watch. As many soldiers did, he married a Krefeld girl, Magdalena Rafolt, one of three siblings who’s father came from the Weimar Republic and was married to my Oma a Hanoverian girl of 16.

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They’ll be Bluebirds


Well, if I think about it I don’t remember ever seeing a bluebird …over the White Cliffs of Dover… seagulls maybe… and ( I’m only guessing here ) probably a blackheaded jobby as distinct from this little chappie which I shot* in France when I was resident there.

*when I say shot, I mean using a camera not a rifle, or blunderbuss, sawn off shotgun or whatever heat people are packing nowadays.

Fair enough, The French who are not renowned for their love of vegans or vegetarianism, and have been known to trap birds in nets, soak them in aspic, AND crunch them down in a group of fellow bird crunchers wearing a teacloth on their heads.

This could be an urban myth, could well be fake news, or some ploy to scare foreigners off…who knows? I would do a little research, but what does that mean?

Using Gurgle or Waki?…. I guess the way to find out for sure is to be invited to join whatever secret-sect, or sects needed to come one of the inner sanctum…. I really do not have the time no the inclination to do so, oh, and I haven’t been invited. ( their loss )!

Ok I confess, I have eaten Fois Gras… in fact we had it at our Wedding,,,it tasted divine, but trust me we ALL felt guilty! just thinking about force feeding and the likes.

Still, we are all a little hypocritical, aren’t we?

The reason for this post is to be honest just an excuse to get some key words going…The reason for this site? #IamEuropean #citizensrights


Hey, this site has only been up for a few days and is still under construction, it has had 19 views from Germany … that’s me 🙂 … and already 2 hits from the United States!

Hi guys, really nice to see that you are interested in my plight of trying to stay with my family, especially at this #Brexit fiasco may well tear us apart.

Thanks, much appreciated.




At the time of writing I am stood up using my ironing board as a workstation!

Why? basically I spent probably 12 hours sat on the side of my bed, using my laptop…errr…on my lap. I have now got severe pains in my calf.

I hope that it’s just a pulled-muscle rather than a blood clot. NB: I have a pump spray bottle of Nitrangin within reach. I haven’t had to us it yet for my extremely high blood pressure ( it’s a heart attack prevention medication ) which I believe opens up your valves allowing obstructions to flow through the network of veins, or should that be arteries? can’t remember.

It is Sunday here so no Docs are available, ambulances in emergencies are expensive, as are cabs to take you to A and E.

I have entitled this post as Disclaimer, simply to commit something to text whilst I research the complex ins and outs of German copyright law and the penalty of death threat from the LINK TAXERS.

I only started this blog 2 days ago in response to a directive designed to lobby MEPs ( in your country of residence ) in order to persuade them to champion the cause of those of us in the UK and Europe with regard to Citizens’ Rights.

The organisers of the directive have supplied links to MEPs and a host of pre-written letter templates, with a view to having some voices heard in Brussels or wherever.

My reaction was to try to help out…. more for my self and family than the other 3 million bargaining chips out there. Soz gang, but its dog eat dog here!

The terms I am Europe, I am European, Brits in Europe, #iameuropean to me are all much of a muchness, in that they tell the same story.

I assume that the lobbyist group was intending to persuade followers to email their reps in the EU ( or UK ) … frankly I thought this was a tedious excise for me to undertake.

My idea ( just pour moi ) was to track down the 90 German MEPs via Twitter. ( a great mass audience hitter is this platform, which as we all know was invented by the President of the World… Mr. Tower. )

It took me 3 hours solid to smurf through and find my 90 MEPs. Firstly I was struck by the fact that many were conspicuous by their absence.

Yeah, many were traceable as they have been “mentioned” by way of a #hashtag or email… or jut their name in a Tweet, but didn’t seem to have a Twitter page of their own. Many who did had few tweets showing, followed few, and had precious few followers… less than 100 followers in many cases… much less than the pages run by cats and hamsters, I note!

Whether this means that they are unable to interact with their following and co-twitter-ers, I don’t know…one eminent chap had his page set to private ( quoi? )….Anyway I have followed the 70 or so German MEPs which are listed as such, on my Twitter Page which is Ronnie Birks…that’s my name don’t wear it out, as they say.

This is as far as I have got so far with that side of my endeavours,…My idea was NOT to email these people with an amended “template “ laudable thought that is, but to put the text heavy items in a Post on a Blog, shorten the URL and hit these people direct with a few pics and  pertinent hashtags attached.

So far so good!

For what it’s worth some time ago I was coordinating some 70 or so WordPress sites ( the free ones ) in tandem with a raft of other platforms….

Many of the WordPress sites have been mothballed for some time, not deleted  but left moribund due mainly to the spectre of this proposed Link-tax… and, I suppose fear of being hacked… usurped, yada yada.

The content of most of my online activities was creative, and a few with a commercial bent…not for myself, and to monetize ( hate that expression ) but to help a few associates on their way with their start-up. Please note I never charged a penny nor expected anything in return….

No, I am not a serious Blogger. but I am a degree qualified designer, who cut his teeth in the advertising Industry with J. Walter Thompson as a Pack Designer/Art director, working on account such as That famous Irish stout, Cadbury’s et al.

I also ran several Photography Studios which boasted clients such as Castrol, Motorola, WH Smith etc. Plus Uk based Advertising agencies and design studios such as The Titanic Design Company  which employed over 30 creatives and billed some 250k PER MONTH in the 80s.

I retired at 50, and subsequently became a Blog hobbyist…and explored the discipline of NEW media … just to stave off dementia…( hmmm that doesn’t seemed have worked that well… )

Oops I digress. The reason for this post was to point out that I haven’t had chance, as yet to insert any legals, disclaimers nor an impressum…. But I will as soon as I can.

Trust me I am as transparent as a pair of Silk Stockings.

In the mean time I am only trying to do my bit, not for gain nor glory.

So if you want to sue me, go ahead I ain’t got anything worth having.

I insert here the hashtag #iameuropean if only that is what I AM.



Yesterday I spent 40 bucks on this WP URL

The choice of pertinent URLs which are not bespoke is limited when you are trying to conjure up something commencing BRIT…mainly by people referring to Disney’s ex-mouskateer Britney Spears ( used to know her cousin Asparagus Tips. )

Guy Verhofstadt* the most articulate MEP favours this hashtag  #IamEuropean so I am hurling that in wherever I can.

*he never found time to reply to my question regarding contrails, but he must be quite busy.

PPS I SHALL link out to this page…as to me I don’t care if you think this topic is only for conspiracy theorists….I see this stuff in the sky…look up and if there ever IS a clear day you will see it for yourselves.

Please see for disclaimer

I am European

I never even felt “Continental” when we were on the continent, how far IS that landmass away?… 20 odd miles, as the seagull flies, or the goose-fat loaded charity-swimmer swims?

We are, of course, connected by a great hole…a tube, a tunnel…this French operated investment-pipe is being re-branded at a cost of over a million, it seems.

Chunnel does’t work, does it?” they must have thought.

If only that the portmanteau of Tunnel and Channel only uses the bit of the word the French the Straight of Dover is La Manche..meaning sleeve!…Ärmelkanal..German Ocean… makes no odds, but GETLINK…quoi? I guess they must have thought Migrant Escape Highway was too wordy?

Getlink!….Sounds like a bunch of Scousers doing the Mexican wave to me.

The French see the aperture as a Pipe… ( leaves a nasty taste in the mouth does that! )

I mean: “Ceci n’est pas une pipe !!!”  too surreal for me!

So, GET LINK, you can put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Nope I never felt like a continental, but for over 15 years I have felt “European”…why? Because that is what I am, I am European.




I put this graphic together a long time ago when the Euro looked on the verge of collapse.  I’m sure most people suffered one way or another from the effects of the “financial crisis”….

I personally lost circa 75k Sterling from my Pension Fund. Not just that but the private pension I was receiving was reduced by some 50%…. and frankly it has never recovered.

I am now retired and 66 years old, my UK State Pension is…derisory!

It, as well as my Private Pension is paid in Sterling.

I’m no Actuary ( which in my personal view is a futile discipline, in today’s world as it is reliant on forecasting ! Ha! )

One-one needs to be a forecaster to realise that your disposable income has halved ! and is forecast to slide further! unless, of course that you are in a position to twiddle with the LIBOR rates, benefit from insider know-how or are in control of a Bank.

So, the graphic may not hold water as a vision at this moment in time… or does it?

I slogged my guts out for 30 years employing 100s of people, the National Insurance contributions, both as an employee ( of my own companies ) and as an employer, as a Director, Partner and Sole Trader.

My Pensions are  as useful now as an ashtray on a motorbike!

And whilst I could never have been a Politician, my understanding is that part of this purported #BREXIT Divorce settlement, the UK tax Payer ( which I may well have to become, again as well as my kids  ( thanks to two arrogant egotists ) will be shelling out for MEPs Pensions for generations to come!

Am I right?

Well that’s the way it works then so-be-it… but who is going to recompense me?

#forage #cameroon #Brexit #pensions #citizensrights

My Personal Situation


At the time of writing I am stood up using my ironing board as a workstation!

Why? Basically I spent probably 12 hours sat on the side of my bed, using my laptop…errr…on my lap, trying to put these pages together, with a view to lobbying 70 or so German MEPs with regard to #citizensrights during these supposed #Brexit negotiations.

I have now got severe pains in my calf.

I hope that it’s just a pulled-muscle rather than a blood clot. NB: I have a pump spray bottle of Nitrangin (R) within reach. ( It think it’s a derivative of nitroglycerin, so forgive me if I blow up! )

I haven’t had to use it yet for my extremely high blood pressure ( it’s a heart attack prevention medication ) which I believe opens up your valves allowing obstructions to flow through the network of veins, or should that be arteries? can’t remember.

My reasons for creating this site are mainly selfish.

I, through no fault of my own, am stuck in Germany, #Krefeld which is in Nordrhein-Westfalen ( NWR ) my wife, and partner of 30 years lives in The South of France, some 1250 kms away, and looks after my 15-year-old daughter who is studying at the local Lycée.

My eldest daughter is 19, and studying Filmat Lille University, which is some 950 kms North of where her Mother and sister are living.

It is a goodly drive of 3 hours from here to my eldest daughter, oh, and I have no car.

Sure we are much better placed than many, but circumstances dictate, at least at the time of writing that we could well be split up. I am depressed!

The Press, and the innumerable Forums I have joined are churning out confusing and contradictory information, all the time.

I am referring to the quandary that many of us #citizens, in the UK and indeed Europe, whereby it is NOT clear what is to happen to us.

I had previously lived in France for over 10 years, but circumstances brought me here. AND I have been here for some 4 years and for various reasons cannot re-join my family, nor return the United Kingdom.

I read about “settled status”… residing legally, dual nationality etc.

I can’t keep up with it.

I have, in my opinion, done everything right, paid taxes, and suffered through the complications of co-ordinating family life within this geographically impossible situation.

I have suffered a nervous breakdown and my wife has been extremely ill, and my daughter is currently undergoing treatment.

The stresses brought about, from what I see, as stemming from the simple arrogance and egomania of TWO individuals have become unbearable.

More to follow!


In the Lobby


The complex set of negotiations involved in extricating the UK from the EU are undeniably fraught with complicated issues…. Everyone will want a say, but time is of the essence.

My interest is that of #citizens rights.

Please check the link below to see how you can help in lobbying your MEPs for your rights, and the rights of others.

So please follow the link below, adapt the templates by simply adding in your details, and  email them to your MEPs ( that is what they are paid for…handsomely, we are let to be believed….and don’t forget it looks as if YOU and your children, and your Children’s children will be paying for their, most likely, index-linked pensions.

*drops in sour-grapes icon*

If you don’t want to email them, the ones in your jurisdiction, try to find them on Twitter, assuming they have an account.

If all else fails, drop them a line on a postcard!

Lobbying campaign by British in Europe