Gypsy Women

An interesting example of Tagging…graffiti…  it sure ain’t no Banksy!

And I can assure you that if it was, someone would have had it away by now!

Gitan is the masculine singular of the French word describing Gypsies.

Gitains ( plural ) is the feminine version …depicted as a tambourine wielding dancer on the well-known cigarette box.

Who knows the people in the background may well be gypsy-folk, foraging for sea shells to furnish castanets.

However, the message on the bench ( which my local French taxes paid to have maintained ) is clear.

This is race-hate, ethnic-minority hate, a semi permanent analogue version of the type of hatred that far-right activists spread on social media like a cancer.

But the multi-billion dollar media providers such as Twitter and the like, have the power and the wherewithal to take such digital hate mongering material down, before the insensitive amongst us, who do not have the savvy to realise that perpetuating this venom serves only to instigate more hatred, are joining in the finger clicking frenzy.

Luckily our world leaders, those with the power and resources at their finger tips; those who tower above us in stature have the intelligence, research capabilities and aids to stop this ghastly chain of evil in its tracks.

I mean anyone in their right minds would realise this,wouldn’t they?

After all. Race riots and WW3 may only be one click away.



I am European

I never even felt “Continental” when we were on the continent, how far IS that landmass away?… 20 odd miles, as the seagull flies, or the goose-fat loaded charity-swimmer swims?

We are, of course, connected by a great hole…a tube, a tunnel…this French operated investment-pipe is being re-branded at a cost of over a million, it seems.

Chunnel does’t work, does it?” they must have thought.

If only that the portmanteau of Tunnel and Channel only uses the bit of the word the French the Straight of Dover is La Manche..meaning sleeve!…Ärmelkanal..German Ocean… makes no odds, but GETLINK…quoi? I guess they must have thought Migrant Escape Highway was too wordy?

Getlink!….Sounds like a bunch of Scousers doing the Mexican wave to me.

The French see the aperture as a Pipe… ( leaves a nasty taste in the mouth does that! )

I mean: “Ceci n’est pas une pipe !!!”  too surreal for me!

So, GET LINK, you can put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Nope I never felt like a continental, but for over 15 years I have felt “European”…why? Because that is what I am, I am European.