They’ll be Bluebirds


Well, if I think about it I don’t remember ever seeing a bluebird …over the White Cliffs of Dover… seagulls maybe… and ( I’m only guessing here ) probably a blackheaded jobby as distinct from this little chappie which I shot* in France when I was resident there.

*when I say shot, I mean using a camera not a rifle, or blunderbuss, sawn off shotgun or whatever heat people are packing nowadays.

Fair enough, The French who are not renowned for their love of vegans or vegetarianism, and have been known to trap birds in nets, soak them in aspic, AND crunch them down in a group of fellow bird crunchers wearing a teacloth on their heads.

This could be an urban myth, could well be fake news, or some ploy to scare foreigners off…who knows? I would do a little research, but what does that mean?

Using Gurgle or Waki?…. I guess the way to find out for sure is to be invited to join whatever secret-sect, or sects needed to come one of the inner sanctum…. I really do not have the time no the inclination to do so, oh, and I haven’t been invited. ( their loss )!

Ok I confess, I have eaten Fois Gras… in fact we had it at our Wedding,,,it tasted divine, but trust me we ALL felt guilty! just thinking about force feeding and the likes.

Still, we are all a little hypocritical, aren’t we?

The reason for this post is to be honest just an excuse to get some key words going…The reason for this site? #IamEuropean #citizensrights


Hey, this site has only been up for a few days and is still under construction, it has had 19 views from Germany … that’s me 🙂 … and already 2 hits from the United States!

Hi guys, really nice to see that you are interested in my plight of trying to stay with my family, especially at this #Brexit fiasco may well tear us apart.

Thanks, much appreciated.