We cheat!

Sweet Potato
#IamEuropean #chipsforbargaining

Wise up you Eurocrats!! The EU sentiment regarding the #Brexit debacle will have been tempered by the thatcherite-lady-is-not-for-turning days.

This Union-crushing-handbag-toting’ Lady PM ( the Iron clad Lady ) hacked everyone in Euroland off by bringing back a discount.

And now we have a clone of this dragon… who only has a position at all by the skin of her teeth.

So I have had a belly-full of bollox, sick to death of #Brexit means Brexit! settled status? WTF!!!?? Tory rebels? The DUP… ? A month ago no one knew who the frick the DUP were? … But yes… Mrs. May is happy to deal with these former ( fill in your own description here ) and get into bed! along with a nice little palm greaser.

So you MEPs and co-ordinators…get real.

In Politics we LIE, CHEAT, FIDDLE our expenses…in between stabbing our allies and associates in the back. WE back-peddle, we fudge, we avoid issues… WE DON’T PLAY FAIR! And all of this shit! is likely to split my family up…suck the fuck out of my pension and totally disorientate my kids and their education.

Thanks… thanks for NOTHING!

#iameuropean #britineu