PM May is so anti-drug of any description I doubt she would contemplate Hemp as a great solution towards the plastics pollution situation.

Hemp, can be grown anywhere …brownfield …urban…green belt. It does NOT have the active stoner ingredient in enough quantities to make it worth stealing from the fields. It’s a plant, able to suck the shit out of the atmosphere …and pump out Oxygen which is so handy for breathing and the like.

British Naval Supremacy was reliant on Hemp for ropes, it’s so versatile …can made into paper, textiles, and plastics such as vehicles.

Of course, current plastics are part of the Petrochemical Industry.. so that is a big stumbling block. I would guess quite difficult to incentivise as the same amount of effort is needed to produce crops to the other stuff where the profit yield is so much higher.

I assume that waste from this material dissolves in sea water much more quickly that the other stuff.

We really need to chastise, tax and fine the pack producers too… 2 bananas on a styrene tray shrink wrapped is ridiculous

I go along with the deposit charging element… Germany has been doing this for years. But come on you product designers!!! Even though carting around that bottle of water may be healthy, I think it’s as much a statement of Hipness.

Ok…if you don’t want to cart an empty bottle around all day… then a “bottle for life” collapsible thing can’t be that difficult to design can it?

All for fountains..and free water in Restaurants… but then you have an attitude thing to deal with… some places here would even piss in your mouth without charging 2 bucks!

Then you have the Nestlé concept… water is not a god given right…. mind you, they are battling with Coke to suck the water out of the water table…and sugar to it and CO2…and slept back to the villagers.

Still there’s me starters PM… need any more tips?…send me a PM.