Gypsy Women

An interesting example of Tagging…graffiti…  it sure ain’t no Banksy!

And I can assure you that if it was, someone would have had it away by now!

Gitan is the masculine singular of the French word describing Gypsies.

Gitains ( plural ) is the feminine version …depicted as a tambourine wielding dancer on the well-known cigarette box.

Who knows the people in the background may well be gypsy-folk, foraging for sea shells to furnish castanets.

However, the message on the bench ( which my local French taxes paid to have maintained ) is clear.

This is race-hate, ethnic-minority hate, a semi permanent analogue version of the type of hatred that far-right activists spread on social media like a cancer.

But the multi-billion dollar media providers such as Twitter and the like, have the power and the wherewithal to take such digital hate mongering material down, before the insensitive amongst us, who do not have the savvy to realise that perpetuating this venom serves only to instigate more hatred, are joining in the finger clicking frenzy.

Luckily our world leaders, those with the power and resources at their finger tips; those who tower above us in stature have the intelligence, research capabilities and aids to stop this ghastly chain of evil in its tracks.

I mean anyone in their right minds would realise this,wouldn’t they?

After all. Race riots and WW3 may only be one click away.



My Personal Situation


At the time of writing I am stood up using my ironing board as a workstation!

Why? Basically I spent probably 12 hours sat on the side of my bed, using my laptop…errr…on my lap, trying to put these pages together, with a view to lobbying 70 or so German MEPs with regard to #citizensrights during these supposed #Brexit negotiations.

I have now got severe pains in my calf.

I hope that it’s just a pulled-muscle rather than a blood clot. NB: I have a pump spray bottle of Nitrangin (R) within reach. ( It think it’s a derivative of nitroglycerin, so forgive me if I blow up! )

I haven’t had to use it yet for my extremely high blood pressure ( it’s a heart attack prevention medication ) which I believe opens up your valves allowing obstructions to flow through the network of veins, or should that be arteries? can’t remember.

My reasons for creating this site are mainly selfish.

I, through no fault of my own, am stuck in Germany, #Krefeld which is in Nordrhein-Westfalen ( NWR ) my wife, and partner of 30 years lives in The South of France, some 1250 kms away, and looks after my 15-year-old daughter who is studying at the local Lycée.

My eldest daughter is 19, and studying Filmat Lille University, which is some 950 kms North of where her Mother and sister are living.

It is a goodly drive of 3 hours from here to my eldest daughter, oh, and I have no car.

Sure we are much better placed than many, but circumstances dictate, at least at the time of writing that we could well be split up. I am depressed!

The Press, and the innumerable Forums I have joined are churning out confusing and contradictory information, all the time.

I am referring to the quandary that many of us #citizens, in the UK and indeed Europe, whereby it is NOT clear what is to happen to us.

I had previously lived in France for over 10 years, but circumstances brought me here. AND I have been here for some 4 years and for various reasons cannot re-join my family, nor return the United Kingdom.

I read about “settled status”… residing legally, dual nationality etc.

I can’t keep up with it.

I have, in my opinion, done everything right, paid taxes, and suffered through the complications of co-ordinating family life within this geographically impossible situation.

I have suffered a nervous breakdown and my wife has been extremely ill, and my daughter is currently undergoing treatment.

The stresses brought about, from what I see, as stemming from the simple arrogance and egomania of TWO individuals have become unbearable.

More to follow!