I write this myself, partially because there is no-one else to, and also because I need to.

It is by way of an explanation. I have only ever read 5 books, at least that’s what I claim, and even those were for school.

The Wooden Horse: by Eric Williams

Just William: Richmal Thompson

Cider with Rosie:

Pilgrim’s Progress:

The Darling Buds of May:

Catcher in the Rye: Salinger

You will note that I can’t count either! Also the names of the Authors escape me, just right now, and I am always loathe to “research”…. and by research in today’s parlance means Gurgling …or Wakking. Great though I find these tools to be, referring to them is time-consuming, does not guarantee accuracy, and yes, I do find myself wondering why a organistation needs 7 Million Dollars a year to operate? especially when the orignal content was supplied by individuals, gratis? Surely the servers can’t coast that much to run?…..and what staffing levels would such and outfit need?

My suspicion is that as soon as some new concept takes off, with or without funding or Angles…then some entity infiltrates  it, and likely ends up using its clout for nefarious purposes ….

Pointing to fingers, and casting no assertions, of course.

I am equally sceptical about charities, don’t get my wrong, offering tax breaks to organisations which carry out necessary good works is laudable, highly so….but I imagine that if you were to research ( properly ) up the ownership ladders then more often than not, you would be likely to find some right dodgy devils.Many of these top controllers wield power, God-fearing Church types, eminent families which a history in the Private Baking sectors, Brotherhoods, secret societies, Governments….or more over the naughty people who control the governments… allegedly…and I’m only guessing!

But still what do I know, I’ve only ever read 5 ( or was it six ) books. I think I was somewhat dyslexic as a child, and perhaps a shade autistic… I don’t know. I was assessed as having a IQ of 160 at the age of 10, and although this “grading’s” value is under question right now ( as should ALL assessments be, in my opinion when it is down to ONE individual to sway power over that of another, and their whole subsequent life ( s ) especially when much of the assessors idea of what is right and what is wrong is purely a matter of opinion )….. Theory is that 12 Months after the IQ thing I failed the 11 plus another UK-based test as to death you fail and succeed in your life or not.

Yes I was at the St: Margaret’s mixed school, in Oxford, and my IQ was the highest ever recorded…..so much so that the Headmaster asked my Mother to visit with a view to persuading me her to allow me to “change streams” with a view to heading on towards University and  a life of academia….

She declined… claiming that I would be better staying in the B stream along with my ragamuffin friends who were destined to a life of petty crime or factory work..or both…

Streams? I hear you say. Oh yes, The UK was a class driven country…the haves, and the have-nots…. and were graded and sifted according to class. The A stream was for the posh kids of the well healed, and the B stream was for the masses, the offspring off bliss collar workers, those working at British Leyland… or Morris’s, BMC or whatever it was called before the whole industry was sold to BMW for a Quid!

Irony of ironies 12 months later came the 11 plus… failed miserably. My Mum, bless her was so astonished that she made an appointment to see my class teacher Miss Foster-Jones, a Welsh morbidly obese witch of a woman who relished in the pleasure of caning kids with a whip across the hand…oh yes…ruled with an iron fist, indeed she did.

She said ( according to my Mum who came as a war bride from Germany with my English Father…. “Yes Mrs. Birks I have to admit I never really gave Ronald the same attention as the other pupils because he is half German.

It totally destroyed my Mum, who like many this situation wasnt finding life that easy being a cultural implant.

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